Maternity Moves for All


I have recently started a new course teaching at The Well Woman Centre here in Barcelona (Tuesdays 10-11h). Rather than the class being specifically for pregnant ladies or new mums with babies, the group welcomes all maternal stages. In the first class I taught pregnant ladies ranging from their first trimester to their 37th week and new mums with 3 week, 7 week and 4 month old babies! It was certainly a real mix but it created the most fantastic vibe and supportive atmosphere. 

The class is adapted to meet the different needs of each stage and is effective for whichever place the women are at. I know this from direct experience having used this method throughout the pregnancy, birth and post-natal period with both my children.

So what exactly is it? The Maternity Moves method is a pratice based on yogic and Tai Chi principles. At its heart are two simple yet precise movements which both originate from the sacrum (back of the pelvis). This delightful scooping physical movement has many benefits and encourages activity in the spine, the pelvis, the feet, the legs and the pelvic floor. It is the root of all the standing and seated work that happens in the class.

These simple movements work to softly break down tensions in the body, allowing us to feel and then listen to our bodies and then to let go of tensions to bring us back to our natural state. It facilitates space across the lumbar spine and pelvic region and naturally activates the pelvic floor. It brings softness to your belly and whole body. This is great for pregnant ladies; more space for baby and more ease for mama, and for post natal ladies, as in order to reconnect internally (the deep core muscles) we first need soften the external ones.

This method also helps us to find connection; to ourselves, our breath, our baby, the floor, our own femininity, not to mention connection to others around us. To me, this is what yoga is all about, connecting with others wherever they are at, meeting and learning from them. I can see this connection happening in the classes I teach at The Well Woman Centre. Seeing women coming together and bonding through shared experiences. After all who remembers better than a brand new mum how it feels to be pregnant, and being around mums and their new borns is a great experience for those about to have their own. It’s a unique dynamic and one I’m proud to be part of.

Jo x

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