Maternity Moves is a method which provides a physical activity to help women carry almost effortlessly right up to and through the birth.

Pregnancy is the most active time physically and emotionally in a women’s life.  Maternity Moves provides a safe environment for Mum-to-be to learn movement and breath techniques which provide connection to her body and unborn her baby. All the tools learnt can then be used as tools during labour and birth.

The benefits of the practice are:

  • Its easy to follow
  • Dissolves tension inside the body
  • Encourages strength
  • Prepares you for birth
  • Conditions the pelvic floor
  • Nourishes Mum
  • Provides you with an environment to connect to your unborn baby

The impact of this work ranges from basic health and well-being benefits, to building a community among those in attendance. We are offering a new effective pre-birth/birthing technique. The work has deeply nourished the women, children and families of those who have enjoyed practising it, and we want to share it, with you.

The Maternity Moves method is created by Jonathan Monks, a practitioner of Yoga & Tai Chi of 28 and 11 years respectively. He has spent the last 15 years teaching, lecturing and continues to research and develop his work in to Maternity Moves. Jonathan’s method became more refined and the pregnancy aspect developed as his school of student’s started families of their own.

It’s with great pleasure this practice has grown outside of yoga schooling and has become a pregnancy technique called ‘Maternity Moves‘ which is now an inclusive open invitation for all pregnant women.