Meet Roshni

Having practised this unique body of work throughout both pregnancies and continuing training in order to pass it along to other women is a testament to the practice itself. In our busy lives this is a moment to connect with your unborn child, letting yourself be pregnant, being physical during pregnancy, breathing better and creating space for your baby to move.

Roshni is mum of a two affectionate little souls. Her primary work is in marketing and she is passionate about teaching and sharing this pregnancy work outside of the day job. She welcomes the opportunity to work with mums-to-be on a 1-2-1 basis or small groups and is nearest to the London Boroughs of Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham and Newham.

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“I have been doing antenatal yoga since my first trimester in pregnancy and I have found it extremely beneficial. My weekly sessions have really enabled me to gradually build a lot of strength, focus and prepare me for the arrival of my baby. We have been focusing on balancing the body, stretching out the back, reaches and postures, birth positions, breathing techniques and positive thoughts for birth. I found that after every session, the aches and pains I had would disappear and relax me for a few days. This is my third pregnancy; with my first two I had a lot of muscle cramps and lower back pains but during pregnancy I haven’t had these and I believe it is the stretching I do during my yoga sessions. I am looking forward to using the positions and breathing techniques during labour and put everything I have learnt so far into practice for the arrival of my baby. My instructor Roshni has always made the different flows look very easy ensuring that she has pushed me to my maximum potential and at the same time making me feel relaxed and completely at ease. She has been a thorough professional and I have had an amazing experience with her as she enabled me to connect with my unborn child throughout these months.” Salma Adam, January 2018