The path of least resistance


Women’s intuition. As I go out in to the world and share this method of Maternity Moves with more pregnant ladies, often they’ll get to the “a-ha” moment, usually all by themselves. Oh I get it, I’m working with the contraction! Indeed – you are! I came across Vidyamala Burch during the Mindfulness & Meditation Summit and she spoke eloquently about managing her own chronic pain. While birth isn’t actually chronic pain, it can sometimes feel like there isn’t an end. A simple task for you that is offered by Vidyamala:

  1. Closing your first
  2. Observe your breath
  3. Now breath
  4. Feel how your fist wants to unravel and open

Throughout the work we teach, our hands are active, the fingers are reaching and yes it’s hard work sometimes. But, then comes the release, the feeling of being longer, more expansive and softer. By opening up to the pain, we find the moment of pleasure, being in the moment and taking each moment as is comes.

Roshni x

Flexing the interest muscle


As we embark on our journeys of becoming pregnant, being pregnant and the aftermath, we’re suddenly deluged with a wealth of information on apps, in videos, in forums (I am still not down with the forum acronyms), in books. We get used to likening our babies to a plum or a grapefruit depending on how far along you are. This is all relevant to the now and we want to be flexing our interest muscle in understanding our current state and what is yet to come.

In the same way we quench this thirst for knowledge, during the Maternity Moves practice we strive to use this same interest muscle to reach further or ‘beyond’, to go deeper, to soften more than we think we can. We think you’ll soon be reaping what you sow, as the saying goes, and that your intention manifests itself physically with what we like to call wonderment.