Find Your Feet


When a baby first discovers they’ve got feet, the look on their face is of absolute wonderment. For a baby who is yet to sit up, the feet are playful objects because the toes wiggle and the skin is sensitive to touch. Overtime, your child will gain enough strength to sit on it’s bottom with perfect posture , allowing them to take in their new surroundings. Slowly your child will become familiar with his surroundings and start to navigate them by crawling. Then comes the huge celebratory milestone of taking his first confident step.

This brings me to ask the question; at what point in our adult lives did we forget the importance of our feet? Well, there is no specific answer but we can remind ourselves of they’re importance in the hope that we rediscover them all over again.

Our feet are the foundation of our entire body, they help us run, walk, cycle, jump and dance. Most importantly they connect us to the ground and are in continuous relationship to gravity.

We are all familiar with the saying ‘Find Your Feet’ and the meaning according to Cambridge dictionary states “to become familiar with and confident in a new situation” so if you’re pregnant, now is the time to rediscover your feet. Your feet will support your changing body, keep you connected to the ground whilst you gain new confidence in your pregnant body. Your feet will enable you to stay in relationship to gravity whilst you carry your unborn baby. So go on! say hello to your feet, they’re there to support you always and forever!


Feeling twinkly? 

In honour of what would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday we remember him and his enormous legacy with this quote. It reminds us of the need to nurture ourselves. 100 times more important now that there are little people in life’s equation to be nurtered.

Often during or after a good practice, what manifests is a brightness in the eyes and an openess within the heart. These allow us to be more at one with union. The joining of you + other. An essential fundamental of yogic practice.

Happy 100 Roald. Thank you x


Flexing the interest muscle


As we embark on our journeys of becoming pregnant, being pregnant and the aftermath, we’re suddenly deluged with a wealth of information on apps, in videos, in forums (I am still not down with the forum acronyms), in books. We get used to likening our babies to a plum or a grapefruit depending on how far along you are. This is all relevant to the now and we want to be flexing our interest muscle in understanding our current state and what is yet to come.

In the same way we quench this thirst for knowledge, during the Maternity Moves practice we strive to use this same interest muscle to reach further or ‘beyond’, to go deeper, to soften more than we think we can. We think you’ll soon be reaping what you sow, as the saying goes, and that your intention manifests itself physically with what we like to call wonderment.