Why start a yoga practice when pregnant?


The physical body ‘Annamaya Kosha’ tends to be the primary focus during pregnancy. The pregnant body is regularly checked and monitored to ensure both mother, and baby, are growing as they should be. Those surrounding the mother, pay attention to her physical changes, the size of her bump, or whether her physical shape can determine if it’s a boy, or a girl. If a pregnant lady begins a yoga practice, or continues her practice during pregnancy, she will be given the tools needed nourish her energetic body ‘Pranamaya Kosha’ as well as her ‘Annamaya Kosha’ the physical body.

In yogic terms, a mother’s journey into motherhood begins within the ‘Pranamaya Kosha’ the energetic body. One of the 5 organs related to the pranamaya kosha is the reproductive system where new life begins. This new life force ‘the baby’ requires a lot of energy especially in the first trimester, which is why mothers tend to feel tired and lethargic. It’s the body’s way of naturally letting mother know, slow down, rest, or find other ways to sustain me. This is one of the reasons many women begin a yoga practice for the first time, when they’re pregnant. But unlike Pilates or other antenatal classes, Yoga, turns our attentions inside the body and allows us the chance to rediscover our natural way, whilst our physical body goes through a natural change in process.

The yoga practice will reintroduce mother to her breath ‘pranayama’, remind her how to use it, rediscover the breaths relationship to her body, gain physical strength and energy. During Pregnancy there is an energetic shift in the body. Prana, is linked to the element ‘water’, which runs through her internal road map ‘nadis’, like a current, providing life and vitality to the body. The mother carry’s more water and her blood count multiply’s. In addition to the water element, the term ‘earth Mother’ indicates the pregnant lady is going through another energetic change linked to the earth. The earth element tends to slow us down, become heavy or tired. A yoga practice can highlight this energy shift and show us how to embrace it by finding new connections through our feet, hands and pelvic floor. This way we can utilise this energy to ground us and become more earthed. These changes can be an advantage and pregnancy gives us access to them.

Overall pregnancy is the most active and transformative time in a lady’s life and yoga will teach mother how to embody this change. Who knows, pregnancy could even be a golden ticket to experience some of greater depths yoga has to offer?

Written by Denyce

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